"a beautiful collaboration of distinct sounds that you’ll find hard to step away from"


The Milwaukee-based genre melting pot, No No Yeah Okay, took form in 2014 when Mark Gage (producer) and Christopher Quasius (guitar) would casually jam in-between weekend beers. As their library grew, they sought out friends Colin Plant (vocals) and Joshua Paynter (bass) to help turn interesting samples into songs with depth. Their goal was to discover how each of their four unique musical backgrounds could collide to build a project.

In 2015, No No Yeah Okay released their EP, ‘Dual’. Through the stylistic twist and turns of each member’s influence, No No Yeah Okay had quickly become established as a unique sonic presence, delivered by an elevated focus on aesthetics and narrative substance.

For a group still discovering their own identity, the attention on No No Yeah Okay awarded them with opportunities to take their sound to larger than life stages, encountering everything from Summerfest to NBA halftime shows to signing with LA-based independent label, Little Assembly, in 2017.

As No No Yeah Okay release their follow up EP, ‘Cabal’, the band showcase their maturity as artists. Similar to their previous EP, ‘Cabal’ also centers around a deceptively common yet personally experienced narrative.